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Subscription and surcharge apply depending on your choice of account size:

Subscription cost per month$100$150$300
Surcharge 4% of starting balance$1,200$2,000$4,000

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How it works

The program consists of 3 qualifying steps: one free introductory stage and two qualification stages.

To become familiar with the platform, start with the free demo stage (“Stage 0”).

If you are already familiar with the platform, proceed to the first qualification stage (“Stage I”).

To succeed on the first qualification stage, you also need to show a profit of 6%, while avoiding significant losses. The second mandatory requirement is a minimum of 5 days of deposit turnover.

When you successfully complete Stage I, you will have a choice between two versions for the second stage (“Stage II”): Standard (very similar to Stage I) or Points PRO which target is achievement of points rather than only profit.

Trades who succeed in passing Stage II will receive real money under management.

Stage 0 is free. The two official Qualifying Stages, Stage I and Stage II, and the Funded Stage have a monthly subscription fee dependent on your account size:

$30,000 account $50,000 account $100,000 account
$100 per month $150 per month $300 per month
  • Stage 0 & Stage I
    Initial capital 
    $30,000, $50,000 or $100,000
    Profit goal
    6% and up
    Max daily loss
    Not more than 2%
    Max drawdown
    Not more than 4%
    Available markets and instruments
    Securities available on NYSE, NASDAQ exchanges
    Min number of trading days
    1 day (Stage 0); 5 days (Stage I); Min 5 days of deposit turnover (Stage I)
    Max position size
    50% (Stage 0);
    30% (Stage 1);
    * You can skip an Introductory round at any time and move to Stage I.
  • Standard Stage II
    Initial capital 
    $30,000, $50,000 or $100,000
    Profit goal
    6% and up
    Max daily and weekly loss
    Not more than 2%
    Max drawdown
    Not more than 4%
    Available markets and instruments
    Securities available on the S&P 500 exchanges
    Min number of trading days
    Min 10 days of deposit turnover
    Max position size
  • FREE for everyone!

    Participation in Stage II Points Pro is free for everyone who has completed Stage I (for a limited period).
    Initial capital 
    $30,000, $50,000 or $100,000
    6 points
    Max drawdown
    Not more than 4%
    Available markets and instruments
    Securities available on NYSE, NASDAQ exchanges
    Max Position size

Funded Account

If you qualify successfully, you will be granted a funded account of $30,000, $50,000 or $100,000 under management. The funded account size depends on what amount has been selected for Stage II.

When trading on a real-money account, you need to consider only the maximum drawdown value - you cannot lose more than 4% of the initial portfolio amount. There is no capital turnover requirement. Nevertheless, we expect profitable capital management with minimal drawdowns on the account.

The maximum allowable position size per single ticker is 15% of total account size. Any trader who opens the position with a size greater than the maximum allowed limit will asked to reduce it. If a trader deliberately violates this requirement, his access to the program may be restricted.

Try2BFunded Program operates only during main NYSE and Nasdaq trade sessions (9:30am - 4:00pm EST). Please don't place any orders outside of those hours. Try2BFunded will not bear any responsibility for losses caused by trading during pre-market or post-market hours.



1. Is Stage II Points PRO really free?

Yes, it is free for everyone who has completed Stage I (if you are trading on Stage II Classic and wish to try Points Pro - just email our support and request to move you). Your remaining subscription time is frozen and will be available to use at other stages of our program.

2. What are the Points and how to get them?

The Points PRO system is designed to evaluate the stability of your trading strategy, assessing your risk management and profit/loss during the daily trading session. To succeed with Points PRO stage, you need to prove you can make a profit while avoiding significant losses; however, now there is no longer a profit target. Instead, you need to earn 6 points. Here’s how it works:

Mathematically, points are granted to you according to the formula

  and taken away from you according to formula

Looks complicated? Don’t worry, points are assigned automatically. If you are still not clear how it works, we have an interactive graph on our trading platform, which will show you how profit/loss affects points allocation:

For example, 2.0% profit gets you 1.8 points; -3.0% loss takes away -3.9 points.

Every day you can earn up to 4 points and lose up to 10 points. This means that even if you had a lucky trading day, you cannot get all 6 points within one day.

There are only two other conditions on this stage: the max position size is limited to 20% and max drawdown is 4%.

3. Does Alternative Stage 2 Points PRO have a minimum profit target?

No, you must make a minimum of 6 points. Points are granted and taken away according to graph:

This graph shows that if your strategy brings you more and more profit, you will not be grated points in the same way - the more profit you make, the less points you get (max 4 points per day) and with more risk the higher is chance to loose points (max -8 points can be taken away within one trading day). For example 2% profit gets +1,8 points;  -3% loss takes away -3.9 points.

4. Am I responsible for reimbursing any trading losses?

No, there are no financial risks for the participants. The monthly subscription fee at Stage 1 and Stage 2 is $100-$300 (depending on the initial account balance). 

This monthly subscription fee is also applicable to the funded real-money accounts.

The monthly fee is $100 for a $30,000 account, $150 for a $50,000 account, and $300 for a $100,000 account.

5. How does the 2% Maximum Weekly Loss work at Classical version of the Stage 2?

It works in a same was as the Maximum Daily Loss, but does so based on the last seven calendar days, rather than just a single trading day.

Example #1
If a trader has had a maximum portfolio value of $30,000 and he has not traded over the past 7 calendar days (i.e., the portfolio is still at $30,000), then the loss amount the trader should avoid is $600 (2% of the portfolio value).

You can find full explanation with more examples in our blog


6. Is it better to use a market order or limit order?

We don’t provide trading advice. However, if precise price execution is important, it is highly recommended to use limit orders on our platform. 

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