About Us

Our mission

Traders First

We aim for all of our traders to prosper because we care about your financial health.

Development driven by feedback

We have accumulated substantial experience observing, consulting and helping our traders with their accomplishment of our program.

Striving for success

We do not want our traders to loose money by entering high volatility or risky assets, that is why we have introduced most of our rules.

Our Story

Try2BFunded was founded in 2018 by Score Priority Prime Ltd, a Singapore-based financial services company and was part of Whotrades Traders community. In 2022 Try2BFunded was reorganized under Lime Prime Limited Hong Kong-based company and joined the group of financial institutions Lime Financial and Limex Social Network. Today Try2BFunded is offering services of market data access on demo and funded accounts to many internationally based traders and sophisticated individual professionals.

Our achievements

  • 195,557,040 Funded trader withdrawals processed since 2018

  • 31,514 Total accounts created

  • 97% Of funded traders say Try2BFunded experience improved their trading

Our headquarters

  • You can find our office in Hong Kong, located at Unit 5, 26/F., Technology Plaza, 29-35 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories.

  • Telephone: +85258086128

  • Email: support@try2bfunded.com

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