Straight funding

Instant funding offer

Starting 2022 we are happy to introduce a straight-to-funded opportunity to all traders!

If you want to get instant funding, just send us an email to with a request to get instant funding, pass the verification, and get a funded account immediately! Subscription and surcharge apply depending on your choice of account size

Starting capital




Select your starting capital


$1,200 (4%)

$2,000 (4%)

$4,000 (4%)

Max position size

$4,500 (15%)

$7,500 (15%)

$15,000 (15%)


S&P 500, Russel 2000, Nasdaq 100 (except for tickers with Market Cap Size less than $250M, and Average Daily Volume less than 100,000 shares).

Surcharge 4% of starting balance




Subscription cost

$100 per month

$150 per month

$300 per month

Scaling Up

Every month we review all of our funded accounts and the best traders with consistent monthly profits (at least 10%) get scaled up: $30,000 funded accounts scale up to $50,000 $50,000 funded accounts scale up to $100,000 $100,000 funded accounts scale up to $150,000 Further scailing up to $250,000 is available each month for all traders who make at least 10% profit per month! Email us for details.


Try2BFunded offers all successful traders up to 80% profit share! Choose a profit split program that fits you best

a. Option A. For conservative traders — flat 60% of your profits is yours to keep, after making 6% profit of starting balance. b. Option B. Ideal for professional, long-term traders — keep up to 80% of the profit you earn for your third withdrawal. For the first two withdrawals, some part of the profit must remain in your account (please see table below). The leftover on your account is a good starting profit, a free financial cushion you can use in case you hit a drawdown. You can get your 80% trader’s profit and keep it forever starting with the third withdrawal.

  • Total account profit

    Total trader’s profit

    Trader’s profit to be left on the account

  • 6%



  • 8%



  • 10%



  • 15%



  • 20%



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