Who we are

Try2BFunded is Hong Kong based training, qualification and trading program for stock traders of all levels of experience. We offer successful traders up to $250,000 to manage stock portfolios on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

What we offer

  • Partnership with Try2BFunded expands your audience through Limex social network.

  • At the Try2BFunded we offer premier services to create a partnership which increases audience and outreach through our social media ecosystem.

  • Our support is built to provide online assistance and help as you update your existing services or pioneer new ones.

What you get


For every referral who signs up for first qualification stage you get 50% of his or her first subscription payment. This is a one time payment.


For every referral who signs up for any qualification stage you get 20% of each of his or her subscription payments. You get this payment every time a client pays his or her subscription.


For every referral who has successfully passed all qualification stages, advanced to funded account, and earned profit large enough for withdrawal, you get 10% of each of his or her withdrawal amounts. You get this payment every time a client withdraws his or her profit.

How it works

Step 1

In order to establish partnership with Try2BFunded, please provide a valid government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity for a compliance check. Examples of photo ID include: - identification card; - driver’s license; - internal passport (you can provide a copy of any of the documents listed above).

Step 2

After our compliance department has checked the documents, we will send you a contract for your consideration and approval. Sample can be requested by email support@try2bfunded.com

Step 3

When the contract is signed by both parties, you will be provided with a referral link to insert in your blogs, articles, posts and other resources.

Step 4

The people who click through our website with your referral link, sign up, and pay the subscription fee, will be assigned as your referrals. Your remuneration will be allocated to your account. You can set up and oversee your account here - https://aff.try2bfunded.com/users/login/

Step 5

You can withdraw your profits any time by requesting a payment to the bank account indicated in your contract. Just send email to our support team to get the process started.

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