Qualification program







Demo stage

Starting capital




Select your starting capital

Profit target

$1,800 (6%)

$3,000 (6%)

$6,000 (6%)


1 day

Daily loss

$600 (2%)

$1,000 (2%)

$2,000 (2%)


$1,200 (4%)

$2,000 (4%)

$4,000 (4%)

Max position size

$15,000 (50%)

$25,000 (50%)

$50,000 (50%)


S&P 500, Russell 2000, NASDAQ-100 (except for tickets with market cap size less than $250M and Average Daily Trading Volume less than 100,000 shares)

Subscription cost

FREE for 7 days after signing up


How long does it take to qualify?

It is entirely dependent on your trading results. There is no time limit as we want you to focus on sound trading strategies that identify positive expected value and high reward-to-risk opportunities.

Are there time limits? Do I have to reach the 6% profit target within a certain period of time?

No, there are no time constraints.

Can I increase my position size limit?

Yes, position size can be increased individually depending on your trading performance, email us for details.

When can I place my order?

NYSE and NASDAQ are the two main American exchanges, both of which are headquartered in New York City. They are each open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST. Orders are allowed only within this trading session.

Are commissions/trading fees applicable?

Commission charges are emulated in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the program, and will be applied on the funded real-money account. The fees are as follows: US Markets (NYSE, NASDAQ): $0.001 per share (min $0.20 per trade).

Why my stop loss orders are rejected?

Please check if you have an active Limit Order. When using Limit Order, you can not set a Stop Loss because execution logic is broken.

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